Founded 1986

78140 Calle Tampico, Ste 104

La Quinta, CA 92253

760 564-3000 telephone


The Statement of Purpose of the Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust reads:

            “In determining which organization or organizations shall receive payments of income or principal from the Trust, the Trustees shall give special attention to organizations whose charitable activities are focused on the City of Newport, Rhode Island, and Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island, and are designed to enhance the quality of life in and to perpetuate the history of the City of Newport and Aquidneck Island.”

 The Trustees usually meet two times a year on the third Saturday in May and the first Saturday in October.  Formal proposals must be received by the Trust officeby the last day of February to be considered at the May meeting and by July 31st to be considered at the October meeting. 

 Five copies of a proposal are to be submitted.  The proposal must contain: 

  • a general history and outline of the organization;
  • a list of the Board of Directors and Senior Staff;
  • information on the organization’s overall financial status, including but not limited to:  1) the most recent operating statement; 2) the most recent performance versus budget analysis; 3) the most recent audited financial statements; and 4) any outstanding debts including credit cards for which the organization is obligated to pay;
  • detailed information about the specific project for which funding is requested;
  • the project’s total budget and the specific amount requested;
  • information about other sources of funding received, promised or applied for and;
  • verification of the organization’s status under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and status under §509 of the Internal Revenue Code.

 It should not be assumed that prior funding assures future funding.

 If you have further questions, please call (760) 564-3000.  For your additional information our e-mail address is